When is 38Makers?

Friday, November 20th 1:15pm-5:15pm! RSVP on Hopin here.

Why should I attend 38Makers?

38Makers is a Pinterest and SFMade tradition. We work together to help support local San Francisco businesses by creating a space for people to have some fun and get some shopping done! 

How are you making 38Makers virtual? 

A select few vendors will be hosting special workshops throughout the event along with exclusive discount codes and products available only during the event. We encourage you to shop their websites!

Can I invite my friends and family? 

YES! Although this event is not being advertised like it normally would, we wanted to keep this event for employees, but you are 100% welcome to invite your friends and family. Make sure they RSVP (select friends and family ticket) here!

I live in a different part of the world, can I still join? 

YES! Most vendors ship worldwide! We welcome everyone. We would love for our East Coast, EMEA, and APAC employees to join! The more the merrier. 

I know someone that owns a business! How can they be a part of 38Makers next year? 

That’s awesome! To become a part of 38Makers, the business must first be a member of SFMade. The #1 requirement to obtain a membership is that the business must be based in San Francisco. For more information, please reach out to events@sfmade.org or take a look at their website here

What are the discounts being offered??

You'll have to find out by joining us at the event! :) Some people gave a sneak preview of what the discount will be. Check it out on the home page!